New Trends for Home Staircases

New Trends for Home Staircases


Glass guardrails, centrally located stairs, and floating stairs are some of the ascending staircase trends.

Staircases are becoming more than just a way for someone to get from one floor of a home to the next. The latest trends are turning stairs into a fashion statement and using them to add to the appeal and design of a home.

  • Glass guardrails allow the stairs to be seen from the lower floor, while also serving as a manner of protection for those traveling up or down. The simple look of glass is perfect for a modern, minimalist home design.
  • Centrally located stairs, encased in a glass box, are another trending design element. The stairs look like they are floating in the middle of the glass space. Switchback stairs are typically used with this design.
  • No longer are all stairs comprised of a simple, single flight of steps. Twisting, turning staircases provide an attractive alternative. Often made from wood, these structures add character to natural homes.
  • Floating stairs, which are supported by metal rods hung from the ceiling rather than structural supports originating on the floor, are incredibly futuristic and innovative.

If you’re interested in working unique stairs into your home design, contact TAB Associates to discuss your plans today.

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