Things to Avoid in Your Next Home Remodel

Things to Avoid in Your Next Home Remodel


Make a point to avoid underbudgeting, delaying decisions, and skimping on planning (among other things) for your next home remodel.

Remodeling do’s and remodeling don’ts abound when it comes to creating the perfect home. The following are some things we strongly recommend you don’t do as you plan your remodeling project.

  • Don’t delay decisions. This adds time and expense to the project. Instead, get the information you need quickly and don’t hesitate to be decisive.
  • Don’t bargain hunt.¬†Bargain hunting¬†for materials might save you a buck or two, but it probably won’t. Remember, contractors have relationships with suppliers that can save you even more.
  • Don’t underbudget. Always plan a small contingency fund for unexpected expenses or small cost overruns. This will save you a great number of headaches.
  • Don’t get in the way. Make sure your contractor can work free from distractions including kids, pets, and you. While you’ll no doubt be eager to see the work going on, try and limit your time on the job site.
  • Don’t skimp on planning. The more planning you do, the better the finished remodel will look and feel.

The architects at Tab Associates, Inc. would be happy to discuss these “remodeling don’ts” with you. We invite you to contact us for more information, and to discuss the “remodeling do’s” we recommend.

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