Steamboat Springs High School – Steamboat Springs School District

Steamboat Springs High School – Steamboat Springs School District

Type - Educational

Location - Colorado, Steamboat Springs

Project Description

Steamboat Springs High – Renovations and Additions; $4.5 million; 2019-2021. After many Owner changes and additions the project ended up costing $15 million. Additional indoor finishes, outdoor parking and circulation where just a few adds.

The Steamboat Springs High School is an existing two story structure which will be added onto with a two story 8,929sqft addition building to house new general classrooms as well as science, digital arts and innovation classrooms. The existing art program will receive some additional space and minor code upgrades as well as current program upgrades. A lower level class room will be stepped down and made into an innovation classroom with additional height. This classroom will include additional power, air, and water to support a variety of programs. The hot water plant for the building will receive a renovation as well.  The woodshop will receive a minor renovation to utilize the existing spaces better that it currently is. The auditorium is to receive an increase in house lighting and the front 3 sections of seating is to receive new seating or to be reupholstered. Locker rooms will receive a renovation focused on the showers and the bathrooms. New lockers will be mixed in with the existing to better support the student’s needs. New exterior finishes will match existing exterior finishes and storefront doors around the building are to be replaced. Site work will include a rework of the drains/curbs around the building and looking into snow melting the sidewalks.

It was important to the School District that we make the addition appear as if it was part of the original school. So, matching of exterior materials was very important.