Steamboat Springs Middle School – Steamboat Springs School District

Steamboat Springs Middle School – Steamboat Springs School District

Type - Educational

Location - Colorado, Steamboat Springs

Project Description

Steamboat Springs Middle – Renovations and Additions; $4.5 million; 2019-2020. Final cost $7.7 Million.

Steamboat Springs Middle School is an existing, single story structure which will be added onto with a single story 3,300sqft addition that will house a new cafeteria and kitchen. The existing kitchen and cafetorium rooms will be renovated to work in synchronization with the new addition. Two pairs of existing science classrooms will be renovated to have the ability to combine into a single teaching space for times when necessary. New exterior finishes will match the existing finishes. Site work will include a new kitchen deliver, paving an existing maintenance road around the building, reworking an area to the west of the building for an outdoor play area. Additionally the athletic fields will be renovated with a synthetic field to be striped to match the High School for soccer, football, and lacrosse. The stadium seating will also undergo a rework in addition to an asphalt track around the new field. There will also be an athletic storage structure added to the field adjacently.