Understanding Balanced Geometry in Architecture

Understanding Balanced Geometry in Architecture

Architecture is much more than slapping on a roof, doors and windows. Visualizing the shapes and forms that go into a home, and keeping those shapes balanced, is an important aspect: balanced geometry, the act of combining various shapes into a collected whole, adds character to the home.

geometry and architecture.

Source: TAB Associates’ Website (Octagon, Gary Residence)

  • Octagons and Rectangles. The 8-sided octagon is the most common shape for a home. In the Gary Residence project, our architects placed a octagonal shape for the Breakfast Nook and Exercise below. For added emphasis, the different shapes also displayed differing patterns, stucco and stone respectively.
    geometry and architecture

    Source: TAB Associates’ Website (Rectangles, Lot 112)

  • Rectangles and squares. Lot 112 features a variety of shapes put together, but the shapes are tempered by the rectangles and squares. The floor-to-ceiling rectangular windows are divided into square panels which enhance the look and feel of the home.
    geometry and architecture

    Source: TAB Associates’ Website (Cylinders, Lot 5)

  • Cylinders, Rectangles and Squares. The Bonidy Residence adds a layer of complexity to the rectangles and squares model by introducing cylindrical shapes on the side and back of the house. The tangentially incorporated circles add interest but don’t overpower the overall design.  This is also exemplified in the Brady Residence.

If you are designing a home and would like to reinforce the building blocks of your home, contact us at TAB Associates, Inc. to discuss your ideal geometric palette.

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