Featured Artist Spotlight: JD Challenger

Featured Artist Spotlight: JD Challenger

A house is a structure that doesn’t become a home until you adorn it in the styles and artistic expressions that reflect your personality. Here in the Rockies, we have a number of talented artists that would be honored to have their masterpieces displayed in your home.

native american artists to hang in your home

Source: TAB Associates’ Website

Among them, JD Challenger stands out as one of the most prominent painters of Native American culture in the country. His paintings, pottery, and sculptures offer a window into the people and heritage that can still be felt throughout our state.

While Challenger’s work is diverse and well recognized, he is most famous for his focus on the Ghost Dance period which defined a large number of the Plains tribes and the experiences they had in the late 1800’s. Indeed, the imagery and stories JD Challenger captures in his paintings show how this religious movement spread across Native American tribes. He also does a masterful job of showing how the ritual itself evolved and was used to unite and unify the many tribes.

For more details about the many American artists who are eager to help decorate your home with unique works of art, contact us at TAB Associates, Inc.

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