Understanding the Architectural Language

Understanding the Architectural Language

Understanding the Architectural Language

Learn these important buzzwords as you begin a new project with a Colorado architect.

While we believe our architects in Colorado at TAB Associates are easy to understand, we also know that it’s common for architects to use terminology that is understandable to professionals, but have different meanings otherwise. To best communicate with your architect, here are a few buzzwords in our profession and their meanings:

  • Structure. Though this term can mean the literal building or the components that hold said building together, it can also mean the way a space is organized.
  • Program. This is a term that gets used often. It simply means a description of your needs, desires, and budget constraints. It’s a good idea to share your program with your architect to get exactly what you want from your custom-built home.
  • Schematic design. These are often confused with construction drawings, but they’re not the same. Schematics are a detailed sketch of a preferred design, while construction drawings are complete descriptions of what will be needed to build the building.

If you’re looking for architects in Colorado who are happy to custom build a house that works with your lingo and lifestyle, please contact us, or call us at 970-766-1470.

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