Ways to Incorporate Your Side Yard Into Your Home Design

Ways to Incorporate Your Side Yard Into Your Home Design

A side yard won’t quite support a swimming pool, but it’s large enough to fulfill a function on your property. If you are building a home, consider which elements you may be able to fulfill outside of the home, such as an entertainment or dining area. Design the side yard while simultaneously building your home to make the best use of your property.

  • Extra kitchen space. If you entertain guests often, but like do so outside, consider incorporating a cooking area into your kitchen design. When building the home, design a structure that can support a small outdoor kitchen and cooktop area.
  • Dining underneath the stars. Do you live in area with welcoming evening weather? Choose a long table and chairs to create an intimate outdoor dining setting. Opt for a more informal dining area in the home.
  • Reading Nook. Do you need a place to enjoy coffee and a good book? Create a comforting book nook with an arbor, plush seating and a crushed stone pathway over-layed with wood or stone walkway.

Are you building a home and in need of some guidance to bridge the interior and exterior design? Contact us at TAB Associates to discuss your building needs.

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