5 Things You Need To Know Before You Hire An Architect

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Hire An Architect


Bear these tips in mind before you take the leap to hire an architect.

Are you considering hiring an architect to plan your home or resort? Doing so ensures that your project is in the hands of an expert and increases the chances that your final structure will meet your expectations. Before you hire an architect, however, it’s important to understand these five things.

  1. Make sure you’re ready to listen to an architect’s suggestions. He or she has years of experience designing buildings and will likely recommend some changes to your ideas — be open to these changes.
  2. Remember that your project will take time. Communication between you and your architect will take time, and steps like obtaining building rights cannot be skipped.  These include the Design Review process and the building permitting process.
  3. Set a budget upfront, so that you and your architect can work together to find designs and materials that fit that budget.
  4. Get recommendations from friends and family members, and talk to several architects before choosing one.  Talk to their references and see what the design process is like.  It should be a fun process.
  5. Remember that things can change along the way. Don’t look at the need to make changes as a roadblock — it’s just a part of the process.

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