Architect’s Toolbox: Creating In-Between Spaces

Architect’s Toolbox: Creating In-Between Spaces

At TAB Associates, we love the creativity that goes into our work. Unique, traditional, and modern ideas are what bring our projects to life. One of the architectural design trends great for homes is an in-between space. It is an area that bridges the indoors and outdoors for a place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

bridging indoor and outdoor spaces

Source: TAB Associates’ Website

  • A patio or balcony is the perfect spot to create an in-between space. The photos show how opening or sliding doors create the walkway. With a table and chairs, you can sit take in amazing views of surrounding nature.
  • In-between spaces are most ideal in the bedroom because they create a peaceful entry to take in the outdoors.
  • An in-between space doesn’t have to be large. A small area with just a few feet will do. Something that is simple, yet elegant, can be just the space you need to create a relaxing spot for a good read to simply enjoy nature’s beauty.

Creating an in-between space for a home is a terrific addition, bringing style and comfort. For more information on TAB Associates, contact us online.

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