Elements of Architecture: the Tudor Style Home

Elements of Architecture: the Tudor Style Home

It’s been a long time, but the Tudor dynasty is still going strong and can be seen in neighborhoods across America. Originating in the 1600’s, the architectural styles of the Tudor home still exude a sense of elegant refinement.

tudor home style

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  • The Tudor home stands out with its exposed beams, white stucco walls, and either stone or brick facades supporting the structure. Steep rooflines and dormer windows highlight the outside appearance to create a genuinely classy home.
  • Tudor homes are also well known for their incorporation of casement windows and elegant chimneys that provide unique accents and decoration to the home. However, it is the entryway that is the most often noticed feature as it is often arched and embellished with medieval-appearing hardware and hinges that make you feel as if you are entering a castle.
  • Finishing the look is of course the landscaping that often incorporates simple brick or stone patios beneath tall trees that provide a perfect place for relaxation and entertaining guests on a lazy afternoon.

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