Distinguishing Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Distinguishing Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Architectural styles are constantly changing and evolving. Many times, it can be difficult to determine whether a style is modern or contemporary because they are so similar in their appearance. In fact, their differences really come down to semantics.


Contemporary architecture is essentially architecture that is being produced right now. Its lines and features are typically common and can trace their roots all the way back to the Industrial Revolution when the American home began to change and evolve. Contemporary homes are often simple designs with square lines, white stucco walls, and few adornments.

Contemporary Style

Source: TAB Associates


Comparatively, modern homes may feature these elements, but they’re also not afraid to break from tradition. Hence, they will often feature more glass and more open space. They may or may not be whitewashed, and are designed to challenge the traditional notions of design. Most importantly, modern homes take great care to incorporate the very latest advances in engineering and material design within the structure.

Modern Design

Source: TAB Associates

For more information about the latest architectural styles and how you can incorporate them into your designs, contact us at TAB Associates and we will be happy to go over some ideas with you.

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