How to Properly Utilize Scale and Proportion

How to Properly Utilize Scale and Proportion

With the mountains in the background and the wide open sky above our heads here in Colorado, finding the right scale and proportion for your new home can be a bit tricky. Getting both right will not only help your home blend into the landscape, but it will make it a much more comfortable place to live.

golden rule in architecture

Source: TAB Associates Portfolio

As architects, we use the golden ratio when designing a home. This system is applied to everything from the rafters to the light switches and makes it possible for all the pieces of the home to fit together in an aesthetically pleasing and functional manner.

To establish the right dimensions for a home, we use everything from different finishes to trim, moldings, stone, and brick to provide depth where it is needed, and to scale areas to create proportions that are spacious and comfortable, yet not overwhelming. The end result is a home that is built around a “human” scale that will leave everyone who enters your home content and thrilled.

When you are ready to begin designing a home here in the Rocky Mountains, be sure to contact TAB Associates, Inc. by sending us a message.

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