How to Combine Your Laundry, Mud, and Butler Pantry

How to Combine Your Laundry, Mud, and Butler Pantry

When building or designing a home, you often have to make compromises between rooms you really want and what’s realistic for your situation. A good way to do this without excluding dreams entirely is to combine your rooms into one. Three rooms that you can consider combining are the laundry room, mud room, and pantry.

Everyone tends to want a pantry in their home. Of course, you need somewhere to store food. Butler pantries offer a great alternative to full-size pantry rooms. They’re essentially tall cabinets, and they come in many different varieties. Pick one out that matches your decor, and you’re set to go.

The butler pantry is easily placed within a room that you designate as the mud room and laundry room. Place your laundry facilities on one side of the room, the butler pantry in the corner nearest the kitchen, and use the other side of the room as a “mud room” to store sporting goods, shoes, and more. You just won’t want to get it too muddy since it’s shared use space.

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