Luxury Home Trends: His and Hers Master Bathrooms

Luxury Home Trends: His and Hers Master Bathrooms

If you’re building a new home or remodeling yours, one design trend to consider is his and hers bathrooms. This new bathroom style allows you to share bathroom space, while also having your own private space away from your partner.

There are many different ways to adopt the his and hers bathroom configuration. In some homes, the bathroom is divided by a tall, mid-room wall that has a sink on either side of it for each partner. Separate toilets and dressing areas are located on either side of the room. Some his and hers bathrooms offer one shared shower stall or bathtub, while others have two showers.

Some his and hers baths are less divided than others. In one home, the designers placed a single luxury jacuzzi in the middle of the room for shared use, and placed separate sinks and dressing vanities on either side of the room. The symmetrical appearance, as with all his and her baths, is the key to the modern design look.

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