How to Make Your Master Bathroom Into a Retreat

How to Make Your Master Bathroom Into a Retreat


Your master bathroom should be a relaxing environment as well as a luxurious one.

It’s okay for the bathroom in your downstairs hallway to be designed mostly with basic function in mind, but you should want something more out of your master bathroom. This is your bathroom after all! It should be relaxing and comfortable and maybe even a little bit luxurious. You should get pleasure out of using your master bathroom. So how exactly do you do this? By turning it into a retreat!

First of all, if the bathroom is decorated with old wallpaper, get rid of this and give the space a fresh coat of paint. Then work on the floor. Consider adding heated flooring in order to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible – especially during those cooler winter months.

Install windows if possible that allow more natural light to flow in. If it’s not possible, think about installing a skylight. Go with a frameless glass shower enclosure in order to keep the bathroom spacious and to add a bit of elegance. When it comes to the color schemes, we recommend calm and refreshing colors, such as watery greens.

Use these tips to turn your master bathroom into a retreat. Contact us at TAB Associates for more bathroom design advice.

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