How to Work With a High Ceiling

How to Work With a High Ceiling

As the ceiling in your home reaches for the sky it can be difficult to determine the proper way to decorate it, and make all the pieces in the room fit together to create a comfortable ambiance. When working with high ceilings, you should consider the following tips:

Working with high ceilings

Source: TAB Associates

  • To make the room feel cozier, bring elements down from up high. Long curtains, chandeliers and hanging lights should be used to fill the space so that it doesn’t feel empty.
  • Splurge on carpentry and decorative features. These provide texture and a sense of balance to the room. They also help to break up the space and make it more inviting. Integrating exposed beams, arches, trusses and other elements into the home design is a fantastic way to accentuate your personal style and complete the space.  These also bring the virtual ceiling down to a more intimate level.
  • Use colors carefully. Darker colors nearer the ceiling will provide a sense of depth to the room, while floor to ceiling coloring can be used to create a contrast that gives the room definition.

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