Small Remodeling Touches That Can Make a Big Difference

Small Remodeling Touches That Can Make a Big Difference


Here are a series of several small remodeling tips that can make a big impact on your next home remodeling project.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a full remodel to give your home a new and exciting look. These small remodeling ideas can make a big difference with little time and effort.

  • Under-cabinet lighting can make your whole kitchen seem more welcoming and open. It also makes tasks like chopping onions and preparing late-night coffee easier.
  • A dimmer switch can allow you to change the mood in your living and dining room with just a touch of the hand. Set the light low for a romantic evening, or turn it up for an exciting board game night.
  • A motion-activated porch light is a great choice if you’re always fumbling for your keys in the dark. You’ll feel safe and secure, even when you get home late at night.
  • Soft-close cabinets and drawers are a great addition to your kitchen. No more fighting with stuck drawers or knocking your head on cabinets that got left open.
  • A built-in soap dispenser decreases the amount of clutter on your kitchen counter top, giving it a neater appearance.

If you’re interested in making these or other remodeling changes, contact TAB Associates to discuss your plans today.

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